World Forum
Churchillplein 10
2517 JW The Hague
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)70 306 63 66
F +31 (0)70 306 64 43
E info@worldforum.nl
I www.worldforum.nl
KVK 27356153

Bank details
IBAN: NL 53 RABO 0153137851
VAT number 8213.37.907.B01

Companies located outside of the Netherlands will also need to include the following details when paying invoices:

The World Forum is easily accessible and has its own parking facilities. Exit tickets can be purchased at the machines in the parking garage (payment per hour). No cash payments possible.

The height of the parking garage is 2.00 meters.

Parking charges
1   hour ticket : € 3,75
12 hour ticket : € 14,00


HTM Recharging point
At World Forum you can also recharge your OV-Chip card. At World Forum there is the possibility to do this both by entering a ATM or credit card.

The World Forum has been fitted with two re-charging points for electric vehicles. The re-charging points are situated in the ‘A’ Garage. For a minimum fee the owners of the electric vehicles can recharge their cars via an ‘E’ re-charging point. Payment will be possible via a CIR card issued by the 'Centraal Interoperabiliteit Register’. The costs per Kilo Watt per Hour are €0,30 and the minimum amount that must be charged is €0,50.


Disabled parking spaces
There are eleven disabled parking spaces located in our parking garage. You may use these spaces free of charge providing you have a disabled parking badge. Please show this badge at our reception and you will receive a free parking ticket.